246 [Lots of stocks still setting up! Dec 11, 2020]

  • It’s a great thing we’re getting this gap down, so more stocks are allowed to set up, bc I see some really good setups which could go up another 30/50% into year end, just need to go sideways a little bit more so we can get these high conviction setups on them.
  • PINS and SQ need to go sideways a few more days, they just need to tighten up a little bit, they both had wide range days yesterday, they need to tighten up.
  • DQ rebought yesterday but it slammed back into range, idk this DQ the way it’s surfing the 50day, it feels like it’s gonna go to 60/70 into year end, I just think it’s a good r/r. Last time it broke out of a flag it almost doubled in like 3weeks, why can’t it go up 50% once it breaks out of this flag?
  • NBAC gonna put back in my wl, if it can go sideways a bit more, on the 60min looks fine, on the daily it had a very wide candle yesterday. I have a lot of these thin spac names on my wl, they’re very thin but one thing we know about these is if they go they can really go big, they can go up 50/100% in a few days, so I can buy small positions and still make meaningful money, especially if I buy several. But I don’t want them to breakout today, I really want them to go sideways a bit more.
  • JMIA I would have liked a few more days of sideways here, but it’s just grinding higher, would be nice if it pulls back to 35/34 or so, went sideways tightens up a little bit, I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing goes to 60/70 before year end, but we just need a setup, that’s the main thing, we need a setup, can’t just randomly buy stuff.
  • RIG, I bought it right here 2.21 [7/12/2020 1pm], just as it came out of this range, then I used the previous day’s low as my stop.
  • LAZR still dropping I don’t think it’s insane, first stop is the 10day and second is gonna be the 20day, it’s doing what it’s supposed to do, it’s following the technicals. Gonna cover some LAZR, still have like 45% of my position from this 46s entry.
  • VXRT one of these vax names, hot sector it could go yeah. Bought some orhs.
  • FCEL is building hls it’s getting v tight, a lot of these fuel cell names are setting up, getting very tight all of them, except for PLUG this one is still holding above the breakout area, but BLDP and BE are both starting to set up and FCEL too.
  • EAR, yeah it’s breaking out of a flag here, recent ipo, very low float, looks decent.
  • QS starting to fade a little bit, let’s see if it can find support on the rising 20ema on the 60min, but I’m gonna get stopped out of my starter from yesterday that I added back midday. I saw an article about it in a Swedish newspaper, that thing has so much pump potential, I’m too afraid to short it.
  • VERI few more days.
  • FUTU setting up again, few more days.
  • The two days ago was just a shakeout, but you never know beforehand, that shakeout we could have gone down another 10% in the indices, instead we held up found support and the leaders started leading again.


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