243 [Will QuantumScape $QS change the world? Dec 8, 2020]

  • LAZR looking on the short side, it’s getting a little bit extended here, today is the 4th/5th up day, it’s straight up, reminds me of CIIC a couple of weeks ago [24/11/2020] looks exactly the same, this thing went up 230% in like 5 sessions or so, then it had a 50% pullback. LAZR is up even more 352% and it’s up 4/5days in a row, and the 10day first support is 48% lower. Was also looking at CIIC for a potential short but it’s gapping down like 10%, would have been better if it gapped up 10%, but LAZR is gapping up which is very good.
  • Risk about 100k on each trade yeah something like that 50-200k, but LAZR I’m gonna go bigger, prob gonna risk like 500k or so on it, bc this is a high conviction trade.
  • NAKD yeah nice flag, this is the kinda stock that can really go, you can risk like a couple of pennies and if it goes it’s gonna go up 20/30c, for those with small accounts it could work, total pos but once it gets momo could go.
  • QS presentation is at 11 so we have a few hours, it’s already gapping up nicely, if 10% of what they promise is true this thing is gonna go to 100, some serious hype going on on twitter rn, solid state batteries. Dantes has been really early on these things, he’s made me so much money on some of these trades, he’s really early on all these hot things, and rn we’re in a market where all these speculative hot picks are really going so he’s been on fire lately. I’ve seen this movie before, extremely hype stock, has volume, low float, this thing could go to 100, today. Added to QS. QS is crapping now, got stopped out of my intraday adds, still have my main position from mid 41s. QS is going, I added back the intraday position, this thing has all the ingredients. Moving stop to b/e. QS presentation. I’m gonna see how it acts on the 10day, it’s holding up pretty well.
  • SBE also gonna try some, it’s had a multi day bounce now, it’s up like 55% on the bounce, it’s a thinner stock gonna do small size but I wouldn’t be surprised if it pulls back 20/25% from here, but only if I see a very low risk setup. Just got stopped out of starter, looks like it wants to go higher, that’s good. This thing has potential, largest EV charging network in the world, pretty significant, actually has a real business. It’s an alternative setup, it’s up 55% in like 4/5sessions, and up like 4/5 days in a row. SBE now fading and I didn’t get my size. Damn SBE come on bounce, I need to get my full size.
  • MSTR they just did a 400M offering to buy more BTC, the people giving them the 400M why wouldn’t they buy the BTC themselves? Oh actually I get the logic, if you’re a fund manager you’re not allowed to hold BTC but you can hold this stock, if you really want some BTC exposure you can have it through this stock, they also have another business but put most of their cash in BTC, it’s actually a profitable business. This thing made an enormous move back in ’99, this thing is in my chart database so I remember this stock, in just a few months this stock went up 1600%.
  • DQ, this is very bullish, look at the undercut of the 50day and reclaim, I’m gonna re long this thing, I had it a couple of weeks ago but sold it to sell down my exposure, but if this starts breaking out of this 41.50/42 area, that’s a solid flag developing here.
  • LAZR shorted some orls. Let’s see if it can fail at vwap it’s trying here, worried it’s gonna reclaim, rn it looks like it failed. Alright it definitely failed, good let’s see if this thing can go back to 35/30. May be failing on vwap again, I’m short 100kshares, maybe I’ll add another 50kshares if it fails, we’ll see I’m gonna wait, not gonna add while it’s still showing so much strength. LAZR is now holding below vwap, thinking about adding soon. Closing in on 500k, if it goes down to 35 I’ll make a Mil on it today.
  • MRNA pretty much what I want to see here is either if it goes parabolic again towards low/mid 200s, or it gets to backside, rn it’s just the middle of nowhere, I want the 10ema to start acting as a resistance, rn it’s been acting as support on the 60min.
  • PLTR is also a variant of the parabolic short setup, but this one I missed, focussing on SBE and LAZR. PLTR on the vwap again, I’m thinking if it’s not a good point to add here, nah probably not. Should have done this one, it’s very liquid, could have done like 200kshares on this no problem.
  • CELH I sold, it was such a small position I just wanted to get rid of it, it was less than 1.5% my total equity, I just got rid of it yesterday, I had too many positions so I did some cleaning. This thing has to double from here for me to make any meaningful money on it so I just sold it whatever, I made about 35% on it good enough. I have a lot of positions, the thing is you end up with so many small tiny positions that are irrelevant, there’s just no point. It’s not slow at all, just very thing so I didn’t have a meaningful position that’s the only reason I sold it.
  • I think it’s good life experience getting scammed. You learn from the pain, and the humiliation, it’s the same with trading you learn from the pain, you don’t learn much when things are going good, it’s when things are going bad that’s when you learn, same thing, when it’s painful, when it’s humiliating, that’s when you learn, bc you don’t wanna ever have that feeling again.
  • I have a couple of laptops ready just sitting in a draw, with all the software and everything, if my main trading laptop breaks down I can just fire up one of the other laptops and everything is installed and ready, so there will be no interruption to my trading, there’s just too much at stake.
  • You never know when the crazies come back gotta always be ready, you have to have alerts ready and these things need to be on wls bc now and then you’re gonna catch one of these tiny stocks that goes up 300/500% and you’re gonna make a lot of money, you gotta wait for those right opportunities.
  • SNOW is gonna set up for tomos, I hope this thing goes to like 500 by tomos, it’s gonna set up like PLTR, the nice thing is it’s ultra liquid.
  • This is a great stock, one of the greatest companies ever, but for trading, you need to be in the fast moving things. Don’t settle for mediocrity.


  • If you don’t game, you’re a loser.

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