238 [Pullback attempt after historic November in markets. Nov 30, 2020]

  • BTC stocks gapping up, so now using Friday’s lows as stop for everything.
  • JMIA short from Friday, gapping down some, but still way above the 10day (20%ish).
  • PLTR short from Friday too, again almost 20% until the 10day. Covering a little on the way down here. I would say the 10day is first support and 20day the second, I’m not sure it’s gonna reach the 20day anytime soon but the 10day I’m gonna cover up most.
  • XPEV right on this support level and if it finally breaks could break down. Shorted on break. Trying to bounce on the 10day.
  • MRNA is the next parabolic crazy, no desire to step in front but if I see a good setup gonna do some. Didn’t get filled orls, stop didn’t trigger. Okay got a starter on push. MRNA reclaiming vwap for now, if it fails vwap here I may add more. Got stopped out when it reclaimed vwap. That’s a sign of strength how fast it’s reclaiming vwap. MRNA reshorted on vwap fail. Still building hls intraday. Man still building hls I don’t think it wants to crack, it only downticked bc the markets were so weak. Okay looks like it’s failing on the vwap again, interesting I may want to add more, I’m short 50kshares but if I can get another add spot may add more, but rn it’s holding up still, needs to start violating that mid 143s. But I don’t think it’s gonna go lower, I think this thing goes to 200, I really hope it goes to 200.
  • AMD finally breaking out yep. Just breaking out of this weekly flag, last time it went up 45% in like 2weeks, last time it broke out of a flag like this, this thing has potential, good r/r. AMD had a big flush, didn’t stop me out bc my stops are not working, I’m gonna use Friday’s close as my stop.
  • MAX ipo, yeah its flagging nicely, very thin stock but flagging nicely.
  • QS, almost a double so far. QS is bouncing nice, it’s trying to reclaim vwap, going to tighten up stop on it to lods or actually a bit below, 65ema on the 5min. I bought it somewhere like $22 or something, it was pure luck, I was just trading the price action and I saw dantes writing some really bullish things about it on twitter so that’s why I bought it, I didn’t know the merger was gonna close the day after, not that it matters, it would have gone up anyways, bc the price action was so good.
  • A lot of stocks are pulling back, but let’s see how we close, we could bounce or we could fade. A lot of stocks are pulling back pretty hard but also a lot of stocks are right on like bounce spots, so we’ll see. Depending on how violently things bounce, that’s gonna determine what I’m gonna hold overnight, what I’m gonna size down on etc.
  • VERI, why’s this thing up so much? I think it was an AI stock a couple years ago and went nuts, yeah it was an AI pump, it went up 800% almost. Now it’s machine learning? Okay there you go.
  • NIO undercut the 10day, this thing literally cannot hold below the 10day, this hasn’t been below the 10day since late Sep2020, it’s been surfing the 10day since, and it’s been barely below the 20day since May2020, pretty amazing. This is why the 10/20day are so significant, bc the strongest stocks, they rarely violate those.
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