236 [Happy thanksgiving! Nov 25, 2020]

  • I f’d up badly on the EVs, I had enormous positions in XPEV, NIO, BLNK and SBE but I didn’t hold much overnight, missed another 3M opp so far. This gap down was the worst thing that could’ve happened so far, I was really hoping for a gap up or b/e. They all closed kinda strong, I didn’t want the headaches. XPEV took out hods so I covered all my NIO too, I should just stop looking at all these different stocks and just trade every stock individually.
  • NIO yday so I shorted here like mid 57s, it kinda started losing some 5min emas here. XPEV I think started breaking down, I shorted here, I kinda anticipated, it was a tight stop on both of these pm like dollar stop. Then I kinda overtraded them.
  • JMIA only thing I’m happy I covered before the close yesterday, bc that one is higher, everything else pissed me off.
  • FSR just bought a bunch here [100kshares orhs], just coming out of a bullflag on some pretty decent volume.
  • AMD is trying again, this thing is enormous on the weekly, if it starts breakout out of that 87.50s area, this thing could go to like low/mid 100s, it’s a htf on the weekly, I kinda anticipated that. Kinda failing on the breakout again, it’s similar to what happened last time it was in a flag like this, it tried to breakout here [10/6/2020] and here [9/7/2020] and failed a couple of times and then it finally went straight up, but that’s the thing, you can use these tight stops and if it doesn’t go straight up you get out. Then you enter again when it starts breaking, when things break these big ranges they should go straight up.
  • CRSR yeah textbook, orls and straight down.
  • PLTR could also be a mean reversion trade coming up. Now testing vwap, prob not gonna trade it, in a bunch of stuff already. Now PLTR is losing vwap after putting in a lower high. It’s still hanging in there, but yeah it’s building lhs and it’s right on vwap, it doesn’t have to go down but it’s a good r/r setup if it can try to break down here.
  • TSLA starting to pullback a little bit, I wonder if the TSLA trade could work, it’s not really super extended, shorted a little lods not gonna wait a bounce on it, I hope it goes to 1000 but I’m seeing an entry here, $10 risk, but if it reclaims vwap I’m prob gonna cover it up so the risk is even less. TSLA for now is putting in a slightly hl, a slightly slightly hl, off the rising 10ema, so it may reverse higher, I’m actually gonna tighten up my stop a little bit. Going up, it tried to pullback, bounced off the 10ema and built another hl on the 60min.
  • DPW, this thing had several opps yesterday, kinda missed them all, I was focussed on the wrong stocks, FCEL and DPW those were the trades yesterday. You can clearly see, look at this rejection off the vwap [10am], then late day, kept building lhs then it had this breakdown had a big leg lower [12:45]. FCEL was similar, kept getting rejected off the vwap, built lhs then it had a midday rangebreak and a big waterfall decline. This is what I was positioned for in NIO and XPEV and BLNK and all of those, we just didn’t get the waterfall decline.
  • I once thought making 50k in a day was impossible until I saw a guy make it irl, he posted a 50k profit I was like wait what, and I was up like 1k on the same trade the same day, I didn’t think it was possible, and now today I can pay 50k in borrow fees. I know some people are against posting pnl on socials and I get it, but I think posting big numbers helps to show what’s possible, it gives a lot of inspiration, I know I started pushing myself after seeing someone else making 100x as much as me on the same trade, give you like motivation and inspiration.
  • Sometimes my stop is lods, sometimes it’s not, depends on where the ranges are etc. Like FNGU, didn’t put my initial stop lods bc it would be too far into the range, you don’t want this thing to fall back into range you want it to go, actually gonna raise it even more now.
  • There is momo in every market cycle, just in diff types of stocks. Rn it’s these extensive growth stocks, next market cycle for eg, 2003, 2007 there were a lot of o&g, steel, copper, emerging market, China stocks, SA names, and this market there’s been a lot of software tech stuff like that, while obv commodities have been crap, Shippers were also big in 2003 to 2007.
  • If you manage to nail a market cycle doing one specific thing, that thing may not work in the next market cycle. Value investing has been working really well over the past many decades, but the past ten years it’s been underperforming like nothing else. And rn Growth has been a very good investment but the next ten years maybe it’e gonna be a sh*tty investment, every market cycle has it’s own theme. But if you are like a momo trader trading these specific leading stocks with specific criteria you’re gonna do well no matter what stocks are leading, I mean growth stocks can be momo leaders but value stocks can also be momo leaders, commodities can be momo leaders. Rn it’s mostly Software and Tech and Ev and Batteries and all these things but a few years from now maybe we’ll all be sitting full margin in a bunch of commodities, you don’t know that.
  • Trading is just such a mindf*ck. You can learn the setups, that’s one thing, learning the setups, putting in a thousand hours studying stock charts and stuff like that, that’s really the easy part, it’s a lot of hard work but it’s the easy part, the hard part is actually managing the trades, position sizing and all of these mind f*cks that are constantly happening, all of these opinions that get thrown at you, that’s really the hard part. You kinda have to learn to ignore 99% of the info that gets thrown at you and just trust your system, trust your process.
  • If you start scaling into parabolic moves you’re gonna blow up sooner rather than later, guaranteed. You want to be in a position where you can profit from the black swan scenarios, you don’t want to get in front of them, that’s why I have these specific rules for shorting you know, the stock needs to be up at least 3/4days, it needs to be up many hundreds and hundreds of percent. It’s all about minimising the risk and putting yourself into high probability setups.
  • FSLY is starting to setup nicely on the weekly, that 85 area, it had its big pullback and it’s holding this range here.


  • Ib you can trade triple us etfs if you have a pro account? Can someone write a retard proof explanation of how to do it, really it has to be retard proof.


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