234 [Everything going straight up! Nov 23, 2020]

  • Some of these China EV names gaping higher, some of them are gapping lower bc they had offerings, like AYRO and SOLO, but both holding fairly well.
  • XPEV watching, we are on day 3 of the third leg higher, so could have some mean reversion soon. Okay XPEV is having a big down candle here. So far both XPEV and BLNK found support on vwap. I’m not interested in reshorting these until they start failing at vwap, unless they do that I have no desire to short them, let them do their thing, the key to shorting momo stocks is not being too early, or at least not too early on size.
  • BLNK also watching, this thing is on day 6 or something in a row that it’s up, so could be some mean reversion there. Shorted some 1min orl anticipation. Stopped out of starter.
  • PYPL yeah it’s a good setup, looks great, a lot of leaders look like this rn, FB, AAPL, going sideways for 3/4/5months with hls, getting tighter. This AAPL, unbelievably tight, made an enormous move earlier this year, pulled back to the 50day, found some support, tested the 100day, been building hls and now it’s just so tight, it’s extremely stretched on the weekly and monthly charts, especially the monthly, but I think this thing could have one more big run if the FAANGs start participating, they’re been kinda lagging for a while now.
  • IDEX, it’s another EV, we’re starting to see the primary names have gone, the secondary names have gone, now we’re starting to see some tertiary names moving, they’re really starting to reach in the EV sector.
  • After corona and EV, we’re gonna get a hangover, just like all these big themes, and then there’s gonna be something new, that’s what’s exciting about the markets, there’s always something new, just need some patience.
  • SBE got a tiny starter, got filled like 15% of my order so now waiting for a big bounce.
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