219 [So many good earnings repots! But most stocks need better bases. Oct 29, 2020]

  • SRRK shorted orls. It’s been trading a lot of volume past few sessions but it trades super thin, I wanted to do like 60/70kshares but didn’t have the balls to do more than 40kshares, super thin. Stopped out, 40c slippage, trades so thin these are the worst stocks. The higher SRRK goes in a straight line the better it’s gonna be when it’s ready to go down.
  • The indices look like sh*t but there’s so many good stocks under the surface, I think once this correction ends there’s gonna be so many stocks that are gonna explode. So many good looking stocks, the growth leaders they keep leading, they’re just not going away. When this correction ends, things like TTD, AVLR, ROKU, SE, they’re gonna be up 30/40/50% really quick, they’re screaming at you ‘we want to go higher’, literally yelling in our ears. Now the question is when is the correction gonna end, we did get the undercut of the 100day and we put in a hl on the SPY.
  • I got very cautious a few weeks ago when the indices looked decent and there were no setups, and now the indices look like sh*t and there’s a lot of good looking things, and there’s a lot of things going straight up. When you have extended stocks that keep going higher, you know there’s just so much money that wants to buy these names, you can clearly see it, this correction is probably not gonna be a big deal. This is why weak markets are a gift to us, you can just clearly see the strongest names.
  • TSLA held 23kshares overnight, was literally 6c from getting stopped out but didnt. Stopped out half TSLA.
  • ZM looks pretty shortable potentially, if it loses the 20day. Shorted some orls, fairly tight stop on this, it either goes down or it doesn’t. My god, why is this thing so weak, you’ll realise why the 10/20day are so important on these momo stocks, once you put in a few hundred hours of work, you’ll realise its the same things happening over and over again. The 20day has been support for a long long time, and when you have these extended stocks losing key MAs, that’s what happens.
  • PINS, from this breakout here [21/9/2020] you need to memorise this, if you can identify this type of a htf you’re gonna make tens of millions. It shouldn’t have stopped you out on 15/10/2020, bc it closed at the hods, yes it closed right at the 10day, but it built a hl and it closed right at the hods, this is one of the nuances, when a stock is down on the day but it’s still a bullish candle.
  • BILI stopped in bought a starter, this thing went straight up from the open. China names are consistently strong, they have been through this correction so far.
  • PEIX for reversal buy, orhs, but it’s kinda late now.
  • JD this thing is so strong, I had it two days ago, got stopped out yesterday 100k loss, now I have more size, it sold off then bounced right on the rising 20day, put in another hl, the same patterns over and over again, these triangles and flag bases, and htfs, this and that, same patterns. You don’t need a phd to trade, you literally need to know like 3 patterns and you’re prob gonna make tens or 100s of millions in your lifetime, in combination with good risk management and patience and all that stuff obv. Once you realise you only need 3 patterns, everything is gonna get much clearer.
  • YALA, looks good I like it, recent ipo, software, one of the top 3 sectors, and it’s a nice little triangle, getting tighter and tighter, it’s a thin stock but looks really good.
  • PTON gapped up right on the 10day and got rejected, and now it looks like it wants to take another leg down, gonna use hods as my final stop now on my short.
  • Just bc a stock goes down on great earnings, doesn’t mean the earnings were bad, just means the stock is not ready to go yet, it could very easily set up next week or the week after and go up 50% in a few weeks.


  • I was in Nate’s room 2011 and also like 2015 or something like that. Nate is very legit, if you’re into daytrading.
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