205 [Strength into the elections? Oct 6, 2020]

  • WWR, was a ten bagger premarket, I’ve located 100kshares just incase, ideally this thing has a big run out of the gate then puts in lower highs and starts showing some weakness. Did a starter orls. Added more, have 100kshares short, got rejected on the vwap just now. Reclaimed vwap and stopped out hods, lost like 96k on it. Let’s get this thing to 20, it’s gonna be a juicy short the question is when. Watching for a potential re-entry, would like to see it fail at vwap. Got back in a starter on fail. Added more back to full size. WWR I’m green on it now. Down to nearly 9 bucks, entry wise and covers were great but I really messed it up size wise, should have done twice the size. Covering some more here, covered about 1/4 so far, hope this has a big run back to vwap to add back.
  • PACB short, orls, g/r that was the entry, now it’s way too late. You’ve gotta be on those things before they make a move.
  • I believe in simplicity, the more data points you track the more in trouble you’re gonna get. I believe every time you add something to your trading, every time you add complexity, your profitability goes down.
  • PLL, I had on my wl, this is the hottest sector, I was watching orhs yesterday out of the gate, then it kinda started fading, I had an alert on it then I bought it midday when it broke out. Had a nice little break, built hls. What a move, this is why you stick to high ADR stocks, those of you with small accounts you have such a big edge, you can trade these types, you can easily put 20/25% of your account in something like this. ADR 16.7%, from orhs yesterday this thing is up almost 60%, that’s why you focus on high adr stocks. If you hate money you trade low adr and non momo stocks.
  • SE, this move was announced, look at how brutally this thing was building hls, and look at how nicely when it initially broke out here [25/9/2020], kinda pulled back, found support on the rising 10day, look at how nicely it built hls here, look how nicely, it was screaming in your face that it wanted to have another leg higher, that’s what you want to see after you buy a stock, even if it pulls back, you want to see it build hls. Look at DDOG, bought it on this day here [22/9/2020], then it broke out here is where it had it’s MSFT news [30/9/2020], then it pulled back and look at how nicely it’s been building hls. TWTR, this thing broke out, pulled back, then started building hls. NIO is kinda building hls. That’s what you wanna see, don’t be scared of a pullback after your entry, you want to see how the stock acts after the pullback.
  • Trading success is more about having an edge, and a solid risk management, than anything else. Having good setups and good money management, and also knowledge, you need to study market moves historically, know what’s possible. You don’t need to be rocket scientist to succeed in the market, but you can’t be a retard, and by retard I mean either having a very low iq or a very high iq, as long as you’re around avg you’ll be fine, never go full retard, ever.
  • I usually watch my positions for about 30/40mins after close, usually after that there’s not much news flow.
  • JKS had a perfect setup today, 1min orls, and then it kinda failed at vwap twice, so there were additional entry points.
  • That’s something I got from Soros I think, you work yourself up, and when you’re up a little bit that’s when you can start taking more risk, not before that. That’s how people blow up, bc they get bigger and bigger the worse their results are, that’s how you blow up, you should get bigger the better your results are, and decrease your trading activity and size when you’re in a rough period. That’s how you will never blow up, if you just decrease your size as your accounts shrink. You can’t make a big bet if you’re in a drawdown, just irresponsible imo.
  • KODK is actually a decent looking setup, looks really good, this is a 5* setup. Big big momo stock, and now it’s just surfing the 20day and has a tight range here, this is a really good setup. Someone asked for a swingtrading school on microcaps, it’s the same exact setups as any market cap, same setups.
  • PPSI, well I think there could be a short setup on the first red 1min and/or 5min candle, but I generally just don’t short day1, I’m gonna pray for this thing to lose strong today and then have strength tomos also.


  • Puru, he’s been outperforming for 6months out of the past 4years and people are treating him like a guru, kinda funny.
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