184 [How far will the market go without a pullback? Sep 1, 2020]

  • TSLA split over weekend, I thought it was gonna sell off after the split, obviously it didn’t so I got stopped out yesterday, but I reshorted premarket after they announced the atm. My avg is like 510 or something, I chased a bit, only 3500shares, gonna look for add spots, want to 3/4x my position. Added another 7kshares [1min orls]. Going straight down, I have no interest scalping/daytrading it, gonna be a multi million trade if I’m right on this thing, and if I’m wrong I’m wrong, have no problem giving back 250k profits if it takes out hods. If TSLA fails vwap gonna add more. So far still building hls on the 60min and found support on the rising 10ema, so for now it’s really strong still. Now below vwap again, added more, short 14kshares now. Taking out lods, I’m pretty much full size not in any rush to add to it. I think it could easily pull back to the rising 20day even 50day over the next few weeks, I’m gonna be very slow covering. Looks like gonna stop me out, gonna setup up for an amazing short opp if it keeps going, or if it fails here, either if it goes parabolic, or backside, for now it put in another lh. Stopped out, higher it goes the better, unfortunately I sold my long Thur like 440s, then tried to short Friday took a 350k loss on it. Sometimes the best stocks, they’re gonna make you feel like you’re chasing, then they go straight up, that’s how the strongest stocks do, they don’t give you an entry, if you don’t take the chase entry they’re not gonna let you in. That’s why I almost never buy pullbacks and stuff, bc if a breakout is pulling back to your entry, it’s probably sh*t, you don’t want stocks to pull back after a breakout, most often they do, but the best ones don’t. Thinking about reshorting TSLA, bc looking on the 5min with premarket data, clearly got rejected on the 65ema, now if it loses vwap there could be a short there. Reshorted half size 7kshares.
  • We are in a phase in the market where select leaders are going parabolic mode, it’s a very dangerous time to be a swing trader on the long side, select stocks like ZM, TSLA, AAPL, these are times you feel like euphoric everything going straight up, but it’s the most dangerous time, this is where you can get in trouble if you’re aggressive. Generally when I’m buying breakouts when the market is like this, just straight up for an extended amount of time, it’s kinda tough. If we close weak, near the lods or even break the lods, I’ll cut my long exposure significantly, but if we close strong like this or even stronger, I’ll keep everything except for my shorts.
  • Need things to go parabolic first, the question is when, that’s always the tough part with trying to short parabolic moves, you really need specific specific entry points, you can’t just randomly pick tops bc you think it’s overextended, it’s better to short after some weakness than try to anticipate the top.
  • AGQ started buying friday and added yesterday, working nicely so far.
  • OSTK still short, covered about 1/3 so far, still think this goes to 50day short term.
  • Bought some LABU yesterday, saw XBI and IBB biotech etfs having nice nice breakouts. Stopped out of LABU, 76k loss.
  • You gotta develop a feel for it, in choppy markets sell on day 3 sell half, in good markets sell on day 5 and sell a third, or something like that.
  • There are two good setups, LVGO and TDOC, both the same trade since TDOC is buying LVGO. Bought some LVGO. Top momo stock, been surfing the 20day since March, okay not tight or anything but I think we may get a blowoff move in some of these top momo stocks. Not like a 5* setup or anything, I would have preferred more sideways and tightness.
  • PDD straight up, this is the one that I held into earnings and gapped below my stop, but it undercut the rising 50day, made another hl reclaimed and started building hls off the 50day, that’s exactly what you want to see. Should have bought more, I was really early on this thing, my avg is 91.
  • FTCH looks good, top momo stock, been surfing the 20day for many months.
  • FUTU another china name setting up for later this week, been surfing the 50day, building hls, nice base, has insane earnings numbers, insane. I would prefer like 1-2 more days of sideways, so the 50day can catch up and the 20day, it’s like pinched, they’re like two fingers starting to pinch the chart, it would be nice if they kinda close in on price and then breakout.
  • We don’t buy stuff at random, we don’t short stuff at random. Setups, setups, setups. If you want to make tens of millions you have to think about setups. If you want to make tens of millions starting with a small account, you’ve gotta build good trading habits, you’ve gotta trade solid setups, you can’t chase stuff randomly, you can’t do anything randomly, everything needs to be process based. All of my longs and shorts I have very specific levels, for both entries and exits.
  • AMD, maybe 4* yesterday. I bought it here [20/8/2020], you can clearly see, it gapped through the 20day, immediately went green, then it went sideways, took out this range on the 60min, that’s where I bought it. You can clearly see, built hls, then it had this gap down, immediate reclaim, took out this tight range, this is where I bought it, that was a good setup.
  • Why would I mentor you, when I can mentor everyone at the same time? Guys like realistically, there’s enough material on setups and on trading on my youtube, for anyone in here to make tens of millions, like there’s not even a reason to be on my stream. There’s enough material out there on specific setups, you have to put in the work, you have to put in the work.
  • UVXY perking up off the lows. Just took 75kshares, this thing is so strong, there’s something going on.
  • ZS, how I held through, well bc it built hls. First it surfed the 10/20day, usually I sell when it closes below the 20day, which it did on this day here [10/8/2020], but I was like hey as long as it doesn’t go below this low here [114.3] it’s fine, so lets just see if it bounces off the 50day, which it did. Sometimes when I’m in a stock for a long time I start using the different MAs, bc I really don’t want to get shaken out of a potential big winner.


  • Guys you don’t know how much effort just talking a bunch is for me, I’m suffering so you guys get to see me trading. I’m like Jesus Christ, I’m sacrificing myself for you. Yes I just did compare myself to Jesus Christ, I did, I’m not even ashamed of it. Exactly Jesus never made 300%, that’s true. He made a lot of bread.
  • I never get the position calc, I don’t see the point, if you can’t do simple math in your head you prob shouldn’t be trading. It’s not that hard. Never more than 15-20% of my account in any stock or etf, and usually my account risk on most trades are account 0.25-0.5% of my account.

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