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  • NVAX gapping up, could be a short setup today, especially if it can hit the high 140 area, had a sharp decline, now it’s had a sharp bounce, could start fading back. Maybe later in the day, or better be on Monday. I think this is gonna be a 5* short setup on monday, reminds me of TSLA back in march. One of the biggest momo stocks, then it broke down, bounced off the 50day, bounced for two days, on the third day had a big gap up and a big reversal. NVAX looks exactly the same, the biggest momo stock in the market, breaks down, sharp move lower, kinda bounces off the 50day didn’t really get to it, now it’s on day2 of the bounce, Monday is gonna be day3 of the bounce, could easily reverse back 15/20% in a few days.
  • TDOC wasn’t a strong close but still a valid setup. Had it closed a couple of bucks lower would probably have sold it. Stopped out, looks like a lot of these names wanna have another leg lower, maybe it’s gonna find support on the rising 150/200day, rn it’s just failing.
  • OSTK, I don’t think it’s gonna pullback more than this unless the cryptos start fading. Covered a few yesterday when it reclaimed the 20ema on the 60min.
  • HEXO bought some yesterday in IB account, risk is 5/6c to potentially make, maybe this thing can double or triple. Oh I thought this was a crypto stock, it’s a weed stock, it’s the wrong sector, oh well.
  • DKNG bought some yesterday, bounced off the rising 20weekly, has been building hls for the past few months, then they had earnings so it’s gapping down on earnings. It’s a smaller position, I knew earnings were coming so I only did less than half size on it. It’s a gamble, I thought the sector was gonna do well, PENN is doing well, all of these gambling/casino names are doing really well. Premarket it bounces perfectly off the 10day, hopefully they buy it up, if it takes out yesterday’s highs I may add more size. Stopped out of DKNG.
  • GSX thinking about adding more, it’s below the 20day now, premarket hit exactly the 20day, think this thing could fade back to the 50day. Still short 6kshares from the low/mid 130s. Added orls [10kshares]. Stopped out of add. Added back a bunch [12kshares], it shook me out but now it’s back below vwap again, looks like it wants to go lower. Covered a tiny bit of re-adds, starting to get a fade on it.
  • UAVS, it had a wide range candle yesterday, yesterday was the entry day imo, late day had a big pop, undercut the 20day, reclaimed, then yesterday it broke out.
  • There are still a lot of things setting up for next week, I really like ROKU, like obviously many of these are too low ADR for you guys, but these are the momo leaders, if these things start breaking out, there’s a lot of lower volume, higher ADR stocks that are gonna go too, these are like good thermometers for the overall markets.
  • KNDI, this is a very good setup, if it starts breaking this range with volume, this is the kinda stock which could move. ADR 24%, this is the kinda stock that could go up 20/30/40% in a day, but that’s not an institutional type of stock, they need to pr or it needs to get a pump, to get moving.
  • TSM, it’s a low ADR stock but it’s setting up, this is a htf, the key is finding these kinda setups on stocks that have higher ADR 5%+.
  • The thing with EPs, doesn’t matter if it’s biotech or earnings or whatever it is, you want to buy the ones that are coming out of long sideways or some type of weakness. FTCH, this thing is straight up 300% into this report, so even though they beat earnings and rev and all that stuff, the fail rate is a bit higher vs some of the earnings gappers we bought this year. MELI, look at this thing, the stock had been going sideways for almost a year. FSLY, the stock had never made a run, also had been going sideways for pretty much a year. CHGG, had been going sideways for a long long time, over a year. DXCM, again had been going sideways for a long time. FTCH, what are the odds of this thing making a big move from here, it could obv, so far it’s acting perfectly, but is it gonna double in the next couple of months, again it could but you want the best odds, you want the odds on your side.
  • SHLL if you didn’t get enough size orhs when it triggered in the mid/high 20s you don’t add to this thing, there’s no setup here. You only add on good setups.
  • HX, this thing had an insane intraday breakout late day yesterday, went from like 1.10 to 2.50 almost, like like 1-2hours. Social e-commerce pr, it means pump. Some really weird numbers, this stock is down 80/90% since the IPO. Must have been some weird stuff going on, if you look at the numbers on marketsmith, they have big growth then suddenly they have very low revs and they are losing money.
  • I realised something a couple of hours ago; I passed on a breakout in NIO, I passed on this breakout, look how strong this thing is, hls all the way, surfing the 10day then it starts surfing the 20day then it broke out. I realised it looked exactly the same as the SRNE breakout I traded a couple of weeks ago, exactly the same, they almost look identical. This is the breakout I bought [30/7/2020], made a big move, was surfing the 10day, then was surfing the 20day, was just building hls, went sideways for 3-4days and broke out, then it more than doubled in two weeks. NIO the same thing, doubled in a couple of weeks. You gotta learn these patterns, they happen over and over again. They happen over and over and over again.
  • INO need to sell some here, I have 100kshares from 13.22 avg, raising stop to b/e. I bought a very specific setup, parabolic long. Where you have an extreme momo stock, pulls back, has a big pullback, then it bounces off usually these key MAs. Then you wait for a tight setup. NKLA did it, was a tricky one bc it bounced off the 50day then gapped up big but same principal. TSLA did it back in march lows, bounced perfectly off the 200day.
  • Make it a habit, like if a stock is like way up, and the nearest MA, like the 10day is 17% lower, generally you gotta wait for the MA to catch up, sometimes they don’t have to catch up completely on the fastest moving stocks, but it’s just kinda better odds.
  • About sector rotation in bull markets, just follow the setups. You don’t have to know that much about it, just follow the setups, follow your sell rules, you’re gonna catch the rotation, no need to overthink it. All you really have to do is just focus on good setups, everything else is gonna take care of itself. What you need to have if you want to get rich in trading is you need to have focus, and you need to focus on the right things.


  • My favourite game of all time: Witcher 3. That’s what a good game is, 93, this is a 5* setup.
  • You made an ADR indicator for TradingView? That’s a game changer.
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