154 [Finally the expected rug pull! Now what? Jul 14, 2020]

  • Finally got some rugpull yesterday, expected as Nasdaq was going para. Some insane opps yesterday on the short side. What happened yesterday, like midday everything started fading, except for these covid names, pretty much everything starting fading, that’s a huge red flag; when you start seeing high correlation to the downside. What happened over the several months, one or two stocks correct, and the others go sideways or higher, then they rotate, some other stocks correct while the others go sideways or higher. But midday yesterday everything started correcting at the same time, so that was a huge red flag. So I pretty much sold down 5/6 stocks outright, the weakest ones and sized down a lot of others, and I went short some.
  • NIO there were several opps to short it, I was watching this breakdown of the rising 20ema 60min, then it went straight down from there.
  • TSLA, minimised this short opp since I was long and hoping it would go higher. I sold half 1718 area once it took out this candle here [first red 60min], then sold the other half here 1707 [took out prior 60min candle]. Was very aggressive selling it since saw everything fading, but didn’t go short yet. Went short after it’s first crack and then the bounce, low 1700s shorted 1100 shares, then it went straight down, did cover some, reshorted some [500shares] premarket in high 1500s. I think this goes back to 1000 next few weeks, is classic parabolic setup, ideal scenario I would have gone short when I sold my last shares or gone short more size.
  • Shorted more TSLA anticipating orls a bit. This thing could go down faster than it came up. Stopped out of starter. Gonna cover down a little more if it takes out hods, don’t wanna ride this thing back to 1700. Going red, missed the reshort first 5min red candle.
  • VIR, guys do you think there was a buyer here 49.75 yesterday? Look at this, there is some fund sitting there accumulating shares, you can clearly see it on the 60min, just a straight line on the 60min, this thing wants to go higher.
  • FNGU went heavily short, shorted a bunch before stocks started selling off. Shorted when it took out this candle here (158.50), Mid/late day started fading, that’s when I also saw a lot of stocks started acting weak, then added when it took out this candle (156.50) [prior 60min candle]. Had 6kshares, covered 100 so far, could go back to 100 easily [20day].
  • TQQQ had a big short, had 100kshares, covered about 45kshares so far. Started shorting when it lost vwap, then it bounced retook vwap for a while then started fading again, this is where I added more, it went straight down and now it’s gapping down [through 10day/65ema] this thing could easily go to sub 100over next few days [20day].
  • GSX the fraud stock I’ve had on my watchlist for a while for a potential fade and yesterday we got it. Started breaking the range here, 64.50 area, where I shorted.
  • WIMI short overnight, too bad it’s gapping down. Straight down, should have held more shares over. Covered some into lows. Shorted some more, losing vwap intraday.
  • Why BE long term? it’s an interesting theme, and it just came out of a big big base, this is not one of these extended names, this is coming out of a solid base. Maybe I’m wrong, I may be wrong, but it’s all about odds and probabilities in this game.
  • So far a few undercuts and reclaims on some of these growth names, undercuts of the 20day. These sell offs are a great way to find strength and weakness. This could just be a big shakeout, there’s no hard rule that says the markets have to keep going down bc the markets are down one day. That’s why you use trailing stops and don’t let emotions guide you.
  • BYND is done being a leader for now , you can clearly see it’s below the MAs, it’s below the 10/20/50day, this thing has so far broken down, it’s not a leader anymore. If you look at the stocks in my portfolio; PDD, VIR, SE, TWLO, SHOP, they’re all surfing the 20day.
  • Stopped out of TWLO, NET, PDD, this is one of those days, the market is rn yelling at us guys, it’s all about listening. A lot of these names could be good shorts too, perfect breakdowns. But I have a hard time switching short from a stock I was just long. The market spoke and we listened. So now I am net short, it’s all about adapting to the market conditions, and let technicals guide you.
  • ZM I got 7kshares of this thing. Straight down from entry. Same patterns, you have an extended stock that’s been riding these MAs, then once it starts breaking down, especially when other stocks are breaking down en masse, it’s not rocket science, it’s pretty easy to find these things. Same patterns over and over again, stocks don’t go up forever, you have a stock that’s been trending for a while then once it starts breaking the trendlines, good chance it’s gonna go down.
  • These types of days, they happen every now and then, when you get these big reversals after multiple months of a trend, and you’ve gotta be fast, you can’t hesitate, trailing stops etc. You just have to be very systematic about it. If you have set rules that you know work, if you spend a couple thousand hours studying stocks, you will realise they have a certain rhythm to them, then you just have to listen.
  • WKHS just shorted 50kshares starter size, it started trying to breakdown again, you can clearly see this, lhs getting super tight here and just about to breakdown. It’s tested the rising 65ema twice and now testing a third time, and they have this event today which is probably gonna flop. A lot of these balloons, these speculative stocks, they’re gonna pop one by one, if the market can’t bounce. If this WKHS can confirm this candle, confirm the breakdown, gonna add another 50kshares short.
  • Like Warren buffett says; only when the tide goes out you discover who’s been swimming naked.

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