138 [Is it even possible to lose in this market? Jun 17, 2020]

  • Biotechs, yeah IBB does have a great bullflag, XBI too. I was watching biotechs a few weeks ago, then we had the correction and now they’re looking even better. If I’m gonna play the biotechs I’m gonna do LABU, the triple etf. This is the kinda etf you risk like a dollar to make $20/30.
  • UONE, ideally goes back to 35/40 today, I don’t think it will. I really need a really really perfect setup to justify a short since the shares are so expensive, which means it probably needs to go higher, but idk I don’t think it will. UONE, CARV, UONEK, they are pumping as blm, black owned businesses. The key is low float, it doesn’t even really matter why they’re running. The key is the float, float and momo is all that matters. If you short these it doesn’t mean you’re a racist, it just means there’s a technical trade there. If you have the setup you don’t need balls. Low float stocks; they’re usually thinner, bigger spreads, usually lower priced. More dangerous to hold short overnight, bc they can make big moves overnight.
  • Just have to watch the 10 and 20day, nothing else matters. You don’t have to worry about the macro news, the market having down days, you just have to watch the support levels on your stocks.
  • I don’t ever take a day off, I’m always watching. Bc there’s always something, a lot of times I may not see anything premarket or in the first few hours, and then there may be something mid or late day I might buy. Like yesterday I had no intention of buying this OPES but then I saw this thing midday, had decent volume, good chart, in the hottest theme in the market rn (fake meat + SPAC). IDEX also, I saw it pop up mid/late day on volume, bought 200kshares, why can’t this thing go?
  • NKLA looks interesting, rn it’s in a range but could be potentially building another bull flag. We’ll see how it handles the rising 10day. NKLA had an upgrade 79 price target, it’s inching lower, so far the price action is weak on it. It is in the middle of a range, it’s hard to go short or long here, needs some more defined range.
  • The worst types of markets are like sideways markets. The worst kind are like these [May/Jun2019] kinda slowly grinding lower, not tanking but slowly grinding lower, the problem in these markets, you do get good setups and they trigger, and I get into them, but the problem is they tend to fail. You get lured into a lot of setups but they don’t have any follow through and you take a bunch of losses. The worst kinds are slowly grinding lower or go sideways in a choppy range. How do I trade those markets differently? You just do less, you have to recognise those types of market environments as fast as possible, and then you just do less, on less size. But it’s easier said than done, it’s very easy to just keep trading the good setups, and they keep failing.
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