135 [Leading stocks holding up like champions despite the market weakness. Jun 12, 2020]

  • Too bad, really wanted a gap down to play these cruiselines and airlines, but now with a gap up they’re in the middle of a range, I just don’t see an edge on these things now. I do not see any edge. Not long nor short.
  • DKNG bounced off the rising 20day perfectly yest, another one showing rs. This thing goes sideways a few more days then breaks out, it’s gonna go to 70. SE bounced off the rising 10day, you can just so easily see these strongest stocks, you can’t hold them down, just surfing these MAs. MELI another one, DDOG another, ZS, ZM, TSLA..
  • Even if this pullback that we’re in goes a bit lower, I think it’s just gonna be the garden variety bull market pullback, maybe bounce off the 50day or something, if we do that, then we’re just gonna go straight up. There’s just so many things holding up really well, leaders are not selling off at all, that’s a very bullish sign. That could obv change, but what I’m seeing rn, it’s just hard to be bearish.
  • No I never buy the bottom of a range, I only buy breakout, only breakouts from ranges, has to come out of a range, I only buy stocks that are going up. Sometimes I do buy pullbacks but then it’s when it’s coming out of a pullback. Like NKLA, it pulled back, found support on the rising 20day, then once it started coming out of this range 24 or so.
  • I sell on my individual rules. Like look at SE, if I had panicked out of it yesterday, bc the market was down a little bit, it’s at new ath today. DDOG, PDD, BILI, MELI, ZM, my portfolio is the best of the best stocks. All of these stocks just riding their MAs, they showed rs yesterday. I did sell AMD, PTON, BILL, TWLO bc they hit my stop, but these others, as long as they’re above my stop, no reason to worry.
  • Right now growth stocks are the best momo stocks, but it may not be the case in ever market. In some markets cyclicals or commodity related names are the best ones. Growth stocks are not always the leading stocks, I think everyone should track the best growth stocks, but at the end of the day, you should trade the ones that have the best momo.


  • Toby Crabel – Opening Range Breakouts.
  • Alexa, short 2000 shares of AMZN and tell Bezos to f*ck off.
  • Hedgemanship.
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