133 [Best. Trading. Market. Ever. Jun 10, 2020]

  • LAKE wow one hell of an earnings beat. EBIDTA $12.8M vs $68k last year Q1. Question is though can it have follow through?
  • NKLA shorted some premarket low/mid 78s. Yesterday got stopped out midday then reshorted when it pushed then first 5min red candle, covered into flushes then held 12.5kshares overnight. Add orls. Covered most of premarket and orls adds into flush, this was the flush I wanted late day yesterday. Quick 100k trade, love those. NKLA is gonna hit some srs resistance 78/79 area, let’s see how it acts around there. Did add back some NKLA.
  • ETSY bought 15kshares, stopped out 30k loss. Took some slippage on it.
  • MARA bought some, chased a bit. Idk why it’s going but it is, this market is buy first, ask questions later.
  • I’m always saying, the big money is in swing trading not daytrading. You just get bigger moves. Just go back and look at all the big winners, it took those stocks many months to make their moves.
  • GNUS starting to go, this had a 5* setup, orhs 1min chart flag. I didn’t see it.
  • LVGO didn’t add orhs, should have added 5-10kshares, it’s going need to sell some here into strength, sold 1kshares into push, still have 15kshares. Memorise this chart, there’s literally millions per year trading these kinds of setups. If you just take one setup, a momo stock, surfing the rising 20day and it goes sideways for a period of time. DDOG exactly the same setup, BYND, AMD Dec2019. Htf in this market.. NET, TWLO, BILI all the same.
  • Any tips to get better? Take the intraday charts off your screen, just look at the 60min charts, get the 1min and 5min out of there. Focus on the big picture.
  • GBTC bought some.
  • Short selling is v important, I guess about half of the money I’ve made is from shorting, and when I was a daytrader about 2/3 or maybe 3/4 of my money was from shorting, but nowadays is maybe 1/2 or maybe 1/3. So short selling is v important. In many ways it’s almost easier, it’s easier to find really really good short setups than really really good long setups. When you see something like NKLA you just know it’s gonna pull back, it could go higher but you know it’s gonna pullback eventually, so you just have to wait for those first cracks and then add on good setups. But when you buy something like DDOG, like it’s a great setup it could go, but is it gonna? So it’s more uncertain with longs.
  • The good short setups, we got them earlier this week and late last week. You don’t get them all the time. This thing is just a random stock, one thing you need to eliminate from trading is the random, stop trading random stocks. You need to focus on stocks with momo, range and vol. Just because you see a setup doesn’t mean it’s good, you kinda need to get the right setups in the right stocks.
  • One of those rare days all of my shorts worked and all of my longs worked, it’s all about the sector rotation, I’m short the cyclicals and long the growth names.


  • SSR worst thing ever. Whoever came up with the idea for SSR, they should be fired, and they should not receive a pension or anything. Really. I really believe that.
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