131 [Never in 9 years of trading have I seen this many good lond AND short setups at the same time! Jun 8, 2020]

  • Such strength in airlines, stopped out of orls adds. Again the higher these things go, the better the short setups will be.
  • SPG is weakening here, it’s below vwap and is a lot weaker than the other names I’m looking at.
  • BYND long, risking $4 to potentially make.. why can’t it go up $50? Not sure if it’s gonna go if everything else is fading though, that’s the problem.
  • CAR stopped in short, 40kshares on vwap break. Needs to go down like 28% to get to the rising 10day, that’s a big move potentially.
  • ACB bought 50kshares, is a good chance it fails, right at the declining 10day, but looks good on the 60min. Reclaimed the 10day, first target maybe 17, second maybe 19.
  • NKLA yeah, bought it initially in the 14.50s, sold it about 60% too early, then rebought it here low 24s, now have a double on it again. Should have added when it took out orhs, selling into strength. Omg it’s up 155% from my rebuy. Can you remember when we bought here [6/5/2020] this is a htf, memorise this chart.
  • DDOG looks great, buying some here. I have to chase up, 25kshares now.
  • Be careful with these random stocks that are not over extended, you’re just gonna blow up. Stick to stocks that have range and volume. That’s where the money is, there’s no money in the random stocks.
  • SAVE adds. SAVE is definitely weaker than the others, just keeps hitting intraday lows, compared to UAL and AAL that are just holding up really well. Covering some of the SAVE adds here and using hod as final stop, no point in letting it go higher. Which is better, AAL is better has more downside than UAL [30% to 65ema on 60min/25%], shorted another 15kshares AAL. AAL getting weak, gonna add another 20kshares, 110kshares total now.
  • Looks like some of the growth names are starting to come back, that would be a great rotation for my portfolio, if the cyclicals pull back and the growth names start breaking out, bc I’m long growth and short the cyclicals. For those who don’t know what a rotation is; it’s when you have a bullrun in the markets like we’ve had the past couple of months, there are many different sectors and types of stocks in the market but broadly you’d say we have the growth stocks and the cyclicals. So first we had a big bounce in cyclicals, then those faded, then the growth stocks kicked off and had big runs, so those pushed the markets higher. Then we had past few weeks it’s been the cyclicals again and the growth stocks have lagged. That’s what sector rotation is, that’s why in the bull market you can see some leading sectors are starting to pullback, but the markets keep going higher bc other sectors are picking up.
  • Blew up 4 times the first few years, now swinging millions. What changed in my behaviour? I stopped doing stupid sh*t. Mainly I stopped shorting stocks going straight up. From mid2013 when I became profitable, took me like maybe 3 1/2 years to make my first million. The first million is the hardest, now a million is like nothing, well not nothing but I’ve had million dollar winning and losing days, it’s just meh.
  • When things are gong bad you size down else you’re gonna blow up. When things are going good, that’s when you use insane size.
  • No I don’t look at TVIX as an indicator, it’s a lagging indicator. The best indicator; look at individual stocks or the markets themselves, like the major indices. There is like one scenario, if TVIX has been in a downtrend for a while, like a multi-month downtrend, then it has a sudden big move with volume off the lows, it’s not 100% but that could be the start of a potential correction, or a big spike in TVIX. Every time it’s made big moves, it’s usually from the lows and it starts with a big spike in vol, usually reclaims like the 10day/20day. Like this last time in Feb2020, big spike in vol, reclaimed 20day/50day.
  • APPS, they have great numbers, the problem is it’s just too illiquid for me. But it’s the same kind of a trade like ZS, FSLY, CHGG. CHGG btw I sold a few days ago, lost the 20day, started building lhs, I just didn’t like it so I sold it, considering the big volume on the gap up, it just didn’t act right, it should have been like $75/80 by now, I grew tired of it. You want to be in the ones that just keep going above the 20day, like FSLY or ZS, they hold above these MAs. APPS has 67% yoy eps growth and 45% yoy rev growth, those are big numbers, it’s a growth stock. Then it guided next Q the rev growth gonna be about 55% which is great. (Marketsmith) so they had a little bit of a slump, little bit of a slowdown in eps and rev growth, but now it looks like it’s about to pick up steam again, and great estimates, about to go 85% next year, that’s great earnings growth. PE ratio 48, it’s not even expensive.
  • GME yeah, it’s almost a guaranteed bankruptcy. There’s almost no way they’re gonna make it, unless they start doing something completely different, there’s no way they’re gonna survive. No one buys games in a store anymore, no one. I haven’t bought a physical game in idk how many years, 6-7 years.


  • ‘Blew up 4 times the first few years, now swinging millions.’ Why not? I’m gonna be the next Tim Sykes.
  • I don’t like looking at dix sorry, I’m not gonna pull up a dix chart. I refuse to look at dix.
  • I would rather end my life than become a vegan. Seriously, everything they eat tastes like sh*t.
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