103 [Bear market rally or 1st leg of a new bull? Apr 20, 2020]

  • EXEL bought some, taking out a multi year range on good news (cancer news), going to have a big vol day. Haven’t bought one of these biotech gappers in a while. I should have bought more, I usually do 1% of the avg daily vol. EXEL having some follow through so far, 20kshares from orhs, I should have bought 30kshares.
  • The problem, there aren’t many good setups, that’s what makes it so tricky now. Everything is straight up, there are no tight setups, to go long on stuff.
  • I have to say the past 3-4 week rally has been one of the biggest misses of my trading career, it’s not giving any chance to get in, unless you’re willing to chase, I hate chasing man. I’m a firm believer that if you keep chasing you’re gonna blow up. That’s the problem, it’s the same thing as with loss cutting. Many times you cut your loss, the stock comes right back. And it may do the 9 times in a row, but the 10th time it protects you from a blowup. I’m a firm believer it’s the same thing with chasing.
  • NVAX Omg I need to sell some more, that’s an erection candle. I’m selling just a thousand shares here and there. This thing is straight up, I need to sell some more [24% on the day].
  • TQQQs showing rw, added to short on orls. Looks like I got baited on this TQQQ, it never actually took out lods.
  • SHOP no interest in shorting unless it’s later in day and builds really tight range. Starting to weaken, and below vwap for now. I did a tiny amount, it feels a little heavy. Weakening again and below vwap, gonna add to it. Added lod with tighter stop. Having follow through, interesting how fast it went from showing rs to showing rw. Covered tiny bit but still think could go to 500s.
  • TLRY I just bought a bunch[50k shares], looks good, big bull flag and bouncing off the rising 20day now. Last time I owned this it tripled in a week.
  • SDGR bought some, IPO flag. Very thin though razor thin. Thing could go to 50.


  • Exactly then it would be too easy. Nothing easy is worth doing. Easy is for losers.
  • Goddam it, cat did something to my settings. Charts don’t look right.
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